We gather continents to understand: what awaits the coffee industry and how to deal with it?
This conference is for:
Coffee business owners
Barista and staff of coffee business
Owners of restaurants / bars
Food segment marketers
Coffee lovers
Coffee industry in Ukraine and in the world in general have never faced a crisis of this magnitude. The consequences of which none of us can predict. So at THE COFFEERENCE we will try to find a way out of the current situation through discussions.
Jackie Malone
SCA Regional Communications Director
Maryna Penzii
AST coach. SCA Ukraine Education Coordinator. Sensory training. Judge of the championships
Serhii Reminnyi
Coffee expert, Owner of TM Coffee Expert and IONIA company, 1st coordinator SCAE in Ukraine
Stavros Lamprinidis
2014 Cezve/Ibrik World champion. Judge World Coffee Event. Coffee coach. Leading championships
Feliks Bezruk
The owner of a network of coffee shops "Фунт Кави"
Dmytro Slukin
Q Grader, green coffee buyer в FEST COFFEE MISSION
Dixon Ip
Owner of Sensory ZERO coffee. WCE Rep judge and coffee trainer
Francesco Sanapo
Owner of roasting company and coffee shop Ditta Artigianale
Slava Babych
2018 Cezve/Ibrik World Champion. Brand barista Khlebniy
Michalis Dimitrakopoulos
2016 World Coffee and Good Spirits Champion. 2019 Runner Up Barista Champion. The Rabbit Punch, The Underdog
Oleksandr Benytskyi
2017, 2018, 2019 Ukrainian LatteArt Champion, 2019 Ukrainian Barista Champion. Trainer and co-owner of Custom coffee school
Vladyslav Demonenko
2019 Ukrainian Coffee In Good Spirits Champion
Pavlo Poltorakin
Head of "Yellow Place"
Martin Hudak
2017 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion
Andre Eiermann
Founder of the Coffee Academy, 2017 Swiss Barista Champion, Victoria Arduino Australia
Samo Smrke
Scientist, coffee chemist, author of coffee books
Dmytro Lenik
Chief barista of Takava coffee shop
Rubens Gardelli
Founder of Gardelli Specialty Coffees. World Coffee Roasting Champion 2017-18
Timur Dudkin
Research and Development Director (R & D Director) в Mare Terra Coffee. Green Coffee Quality Grader/Sales Russia in Mare Terra Coffee
Viktor Shramenko
Founder of Fresh Black Roasting and Black Coffee Shop
Mary Ursu
Brand Ambassador Campari Ukraine, co-owner Wood You Like Bar
Klaus Thomsen
Co-owner of The Coffee Collective
Ralf Rueller
Owner of The Barn
Volodymyr Zadiraka
Owner of a network of coffee shops ONE LOVE coffee, founder of the City Coffee Guide project
George Koustoumpardis
2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion, Coffee Quality Director at Ninety Plus Coffee
Sonja Björk Grant
Judge of the World Coffee Event, co-owner of Kaffibrugghusid
Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
Managing Director of Colonna Coffee, author of The Coffee Dictionary, co-author of Water For Coffee
Timur Kozonov
Co-owner Foundation Coffee
Yura Sirosh
Manager of ONE LOVE coffee roasters
Artem Bakurov
2018 Coffee in Good Spirits Ukraine Champion, 2018 World Coffee in Good Spirits finalist
Joanne Berry
Head of Sourcing & Procurement at Nordic Approach
Volodymyr Labkov
Chief Barista and co-owner of the OKAY GOOD STAY project